American Samoa

There are two higher education institutions in American Samoa — the public American Samoa Community College in Mapusaga and a campus of the private Wayland Baptist University in Tafuna. The American Samoa Community College is a public community college that was established in 1970. The only other higher education institution in American Samoa is a campus of the Wayland Baptist University, established in 1979.

Educational Structure
The college offers full-time and part-time education. Most of the degree programmes offered by the college are two-year associate degrees, though it also offers a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Prospective students are required to provide copies of their passport and social security card. Non-resident students are also required to provide these, as well as an Alien Registration Identification Card from the Immigration Office and Immigration Board Authorisation. The admissions process depends on the programme, though the Bachelor’s of Education programme requires that students provide official transcripts, two letters of recommendation, one faculty recommendation, and a medical certificate. All new students are required to take placement tests in Maths and English.

The campus offers a variety Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, as well as a doctorate in Management. A number of programmes are available in an online learning format. Prospective students are required to provide a completed application form, application fee, official educational transcripts, and financial aid forms if relevant.

At the public college, tuition fees for the Bachelor’s programme are about $175 per course credit, though students should note that there are a number of additional fees that are not included in the tuition fee. Financial aid and a number of scholarships are available, students are advised to check their eligibility on the institution’s website at

At the private university, tuition fees depend on the programme but students can expect to pay $272 per credit hour for an undergraduate course and $450 per credit hour for a postgraduate course. A number of scholarships are available and students are advised to contact the institution directly for more information.

Information for International Students
Admission is only open to legal residents of American Samoa, and all U.S. citizens and nationals may enrol as residents at the American Samoa Community College. However, some exceptions may be made for non-resident students, international students are advised to contact the institution directly for more information. U.S. citizens can enter American Samoa without a visa but require a passport. Students from other countries may be required to apply for a visa or a travel permit to study in American Samoa. International students are advised to consult the website of the Immigration Office at