The public University of Andorra, established in 1997, is the only higher education institution in the country. Students who have completed secondary education in Andorra can choose between attending this university and studying in Spain or France and they do so in approximately equal numbers. The university has a small enrolment, with about 500 students enrolled each year in official degree programmes and about 1,200 enrolled in continuous education programmes. 

Educational Structure
Bachelor’s degrees take about three years to complete and students can choose from single-subject or dual Bachelor’s degrees. The university also offers Master’s and Doctorate degrees and a wide variety of degrees are available in an online learning format. Bachelor’s programmes are taught mainly in Catalan, with the exception of a semester taught in English. Doctorate programmes are available in Catalan or English, though the practical training is mainly carried out in Catalan. The university advises that students start learning Catalan before starting their studies but offers free Catalan courses after arrival and the opportunity for international students to submit their coursework in other languages during their first year. 

Tuition fees in Andorra vary by programme and level of study but international students can expect to pay between 750 and 1,800 euros per semester for undergraduate programmes and between 1,800 and 3,700 euros per semester for postgraduate programmes. However, fees are subject to change and students are advised to contact the institution directly for information on their programme.

Information for International Students
International students from the EU and Schengen Area do not need a visa to study in Andorra. Students from other countries will need to apply for a Schengen visa at the embassy of either France or Spain in their home country, depending on where the student plans to enter Andorra. Students are advised to apply for a multi-entry visa. The University of Andorra welcomes applications from international students. Prospective students will need to provide a completed application form, a notarised copy of their passport and an apostilled copy of their original degree. All documents that are not in Catalan, Spanish, French, Portuguese or English must be officially translated into Catalan. Students will then need to apply for a study permit at the Immigration Service of Andorra and will need to provide their passport, a passport photograph, a criminal record check from their home country, a certificate of marital status, health insurance for the entire duration of their stay and proof of sufficient financial funds to cover their stay in Andorra. The University of Andorra offers campus housing to students, though if this is not available, the university’s International Student Service can provide assistance to international students to find alternative housing.