Bermuda is a British overseas territory located in the North Atlantic Ocean with currently over 70,000 people, making it the most populated British overseas territory. In Bermuda there is only one institution of higher education: the Bermuda College, accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education. Established in 1974, the college is committed to “transforming lives through innovative education". In 2018, 712 students were enrolled, and 37 full-time lecturers were teaching. Approximately 89% of the graduates would recommend studying there. For further information the Ministry of Education’s website is available at

Educational Structure
The college offers programs that lead-up to the Bachelor’s level. There are Associates, Diplomas and Certificates in almost every subject: from Accounting to Computer Science and Cooking & Nutrition to Religious Studies. Nevertheless, other 3 institutions will offer a university programme in Bermuda. The first one is a Bachelor’s of Business Administration offered in association with the Mount Saint Vincent University of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The second is a Postgraduate Diploma in Education offered in association with the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. Lastly, Miami University collaborates with the Bermuda College on a web-based M.Ed in Special Education. Most courses are 3 credits and the academic year is organized into semesters: Fall, Spring, Summer.

The application procedure is online. Students who are thinking of applying to Bermuda should go to Proof of Bermudian citizenship or Visa Entry will be checked together with appropriate official transcripts and a Medical Disclosure Form. Foreign students also need proof of language proficiency (English) and a letter of recommendation. Lastly, a registration fee of $50 for natives and of $100 for international students will be charged. The college has introduced an Academic Fresh Start policy aimed at students that have been out of education for 2 years. The deadline for applications is on the 1st of June.

Fees differentiate from student to student. Bermudian students are charged $155, while students who have been living on the island for less than 5 years and are not Bermudian have a differential fee of $125. International students have a differential fee of $1,500. The college offers several scholarships, awards or other financial support. For reference, please see the page here

Information for International Students
In terms of living costs, Bermuda is an extremely affluent country. With a GNI per capita of $68,113, the island is 6th in terms of richest countries in the world. For this reason, it is almost four times more expensive to live there than in the USA. An average 1-bedroom apartment rental would be $2,700 in the city centre and $2,000 outside of it.

Although the majority of the courses available in Bermuda are not valid university courses, the country is an attractive environment to study in, if you can afford the expenses. Job opportunities are plenty since the reason it is such a prosperous country comes from the economic and touristic activity.