Cayman Islands

Higher education in the Cayman Islands is provided by both public and private educations which offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. The first public HEI in the Cayman Islands was established in 1975 and was renamed the University College of the Cayman Islands in 2004. The oldest HEI in the Cayman Islands is the private International College of the Cayman Islands, which was established in 1970. The Truman Bodden Law School was established in 1982 and is affiliated to the UK’s University of Liverpool, which validates and awards the undergraduate degree programme. Around 20% of the student body are international students, with many coming from the UK, the US, Canada and Jamaica. St Matthew’s University, a private medical university, was established in 1997. The university is popular with international students and hosts students from more than 40 countries, however, international students are advised to confirm the university’s recognition status in their home country.

Educational Structure
The university’s Bachelor’s degree in law takes three years and its LLB degree is recognised by the English Law Society and English Bar Council. At the medical university they offers degrees in medicine and veterinary medicine. All degree programmes offered in the Cayman Islands are taught in English. Applicants may be required to take an examination to prove their English proficiency. International students are advised to contact their institution of choice directly for information on the admission process. 

Admission requirements vary by institution but international students are generally expected to provide a completed application form and copies of all relevant educational diplomas. These documents will need to be translated if they are not in English. Some institutions, such as the International College of the Cayman Islands, also require that international students deposit the amount covering one year’s expenses and the amount required for a return ticket to their home country with the college.

Tuition fees vary by institution. At the Truman Bodden Law School, for example, Caymanian students can expect to pay between $7,000 and $14,000 per year, whereas international students can expect to pay between $14,000 and $20,000 per year. Fees at St. Matthew’s University range from $14,000 to $19,000 per semester. State financial aid is available for American and Canadian students and the university itself offers a number of scholarships to both Caymanian and international students, which cover a portion of the tuition fees. 

Information for International Students
International students may need a visa to study in the Cayman Islands. The student should apply directly to the Immigration Department for a visa. More information can be found on the Department’s website here. International students should note that holders of student visas are not allowed to work for the duration of their studies. International students must provide the necessary documentation to the Immigration Department at least three months before the start of the semester. Only international students enrolled in a full-time degree programme will be eligible for a student visa.