The first university inaugurated in Chad, the University of N’Djamena, opened in 1971. There are 16 higher education institutions in Chad. Most of these are public, two are private and some are classified as vocational schools. Vocational schools offer technical programmes whereas universities offer the full range of courses. Private schools are funded independently whereas public schools are funded by the government with assistance from the French government. 

Educational Structure
The higher education system in Chad functions in a similar way to other universities in that it offers a Bachelor’s (License) followed by a Master’s (Graduat) and a Doctorate. Bachelor’s degrees last four years and Master’s usually last two years. Moreover, education is offered on an in-person basis rather than in terms of long distance learning.  In terms of medical degrees, these last six years. The degree program is based on the French system which includes premedical and medical education in one degree. There is no centralised administration for application to universities in Chad, so students must go through the individual institutions in order to apply. The primary language of instruction is French, however some courses such as history and literature are also offered in Arabic.