There are four higher education institutions in the Republic of Congo. Three of these are specialized institutes in business, agriculture and the arts and the last is the University of Brazzaville, later renamed the University of Marien Ngouabi. Institutes are specialized and teach in one field whereas the university teaches a variety of subjects. For more information about higher education in Congo, please refer to the official government website:

Educational Structure 
The educational structure in Congo is based upon the French LMD system which is a License (Bachelors), followed by a Masters and then a Doctorate. Bachelors degrees generally take three years to complete. Masters take between one and two years and Doctorates takes between three to six years to complete depending on the subject. 

There is no centralized body of administration in Congo for applications, therefore students must apply directly to the higher education institution that they wish to apply for. Foreign certificates such as the Swiss Maturity or A levels are accepted by Congolese institutions. 

Students who come from countries that have partnerships with Congo may be eligible for a scholarship to study at the University Marien Ngouabi. 

Information for International Students 
The main language of instruction is French, meaning that students who have not completed a secondary school certificate in French must prove their proficiency through a test such as the DELF. Moreover, the main university does offer student accommodation with cafeterias for the students though they must pay for it. Nevertheless, it is recommended for students to live in accommodation rather than searching for a home to rent.