There is one higher education institution in Greenland which is the University of Greenland (Ilisimatusarfik) which has between 500 to 1000 students enrolled. It was founded in 1987. The University of Greenland is a public university which is divided into four sections: the institute of learning, the institute of learning and health research, the institute of society, economics and journalism, and the institute of culture, language and history.  

Educational Structure 
The educational structure in Greenland follows the general path of a Bachelor’s, followed by a Master’s. Bachelor’s generally take three years to complete whereas Master’s take between one to two years to complete. In order to be accepted, students are required to have a valid secondary school certificate such as a high school diploma or the A levels. Moreover, there is no centralized body of administration, meaning that students are required to apply directly to the University of Greenland in order to be accepted4. In order to be accepted for a Master’s, students are required to have completed a Bachelor’s with a minimum grade determined by the university for each specific course. At this stage, Doctorates are not offered by the University of Greenland. 

International students who are generally accepted to the University of Greenland are usually exchange students meaning that they continue to pay their home university during the duration of their study in Greenland. For EEA and Nordic country students, tuition is free at the University of Greenland, though students do have to pay for accommodation offered by the university which is very limited, or they must find accommodation on their own such as a homestay. 

Information for International Students 
The main languages of instruction are Danish and Greenlandic, meaning that students must pass a proficiency test in some cases in order to be accepted. Nordic citizens from Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland do require a permit to study in Greenland as they have the right to study and reside in Greenland. EAA citizens may study in Greenland for up to three months without a permit. Therefore, students from outside the EEA must obtain a residency permit before attending the University. Moreover, all students are required to hold a health insurance card which is permitted to work in Greenland. The estimated cost of living in Greenland is approximately 5000 DKK per month (670 euros), excluding accommodation.