The island of Guam is located in Micronesia in the western Pacific Ocean. It is an organized territory of the United states of America. Its population is relatively small, with about a 160 thousand people living in its borders in 2016. Due to the territory’s legal standing, all people born on the island are automatically granted citizenship of the United States.

As a direct effect of this same standing, the higher education system of Guam closely resembles that of the United States. The distinction of private and public universities is in place, as well as the distinction between community colleges and universities. In line with this classification, you can find a public and a private university, as well as a community college on the Island. 
The official government website for higher education in Guam can be accessed on

Educational Structure
Educational structure matches the US’s with the progression of tertiary studies being Bachelors – Masters – Postgraduate studies/PHD. The application process follows the same method as universities in other US areas. You apply to colleges separately; you need to submit records of your high school grades or their equivalents and demonstrate your command of the English language if you are an international student. International students also have to obtain a visa that allows them to reside in the country for the duration of their studies.

Financially, students are split into two groups. In state students, who pay 5578$ for a year’s tuition fees, and out of state students, who pay 12634$ per annum at the largest university of the state. The latter group make up about 1% of the student population.

Information for International Students
All three of the previously mentioned institutions are located in Mangilao. A small city, with a population of about 20000 people make for a close knit, tight university experience at the city campuses of the universities. Expenses are usually about 9 thousand USD per annum for most students, on top of the tuition fees.