The most populous country of Central America, Guatemala, has a population of around 17 million. Its capital and largest city is Guatemala City, the city that also happens to be the center of higher education in the Country.

Guatemala has a single public university, San Carlos University of Guatemala City, and 14 private institutions. The private universities tend to be smaller than the public university of the country, with many of them having a specialization in one particular area (music, art, healthcare etc.) instead of a more general offering. The official government website,, has details of the country’s educational system in depth.

Educational Structure
Educational progression follows the Bologna model, with degree progression starting with a Bachelor program, then a Masters, and a PhD as the final step. 
One of the biggest differences between the public and private universities of the county is the application process. For the former, a high school grade transcript and demonstrated Spanish proficiency is enough to make an application, but for the latter entrance exams are generally required. These are specific to individual institutions and are at their discretion.

Tuition fees depend on the chosen major’s infrastructural stress, so courses requiring more materials such as labs will be more expensive than the ones that don’t, and also fees change on an institution to institution basis. Generally, you can expect tuition fees to fall between 2500 and 10000$.

Information for International Students
As most universities are located in the capital, Guatemala City, a typical student experience will be at a city campus, with all of its perks and benefits – active nightlife and wide range of available activities. The cost of living in the county is quite low, so an international students budget can go quite a long way in the country and make for an ideal student life. Instead of living in hotels or hostels, most international students opt to stay with a host family. It is said to be a more comfortable experience.