Guernsey, located in between France and the United Kingdom, is a member of the islands named Channel Islands. A member of the United Kingdom, the higher education system is closely related to that of the UK. 

Educational Structure
The tertiary education system in Guernsey is mainly centered around professional programs, adult learning. The three institutions of the country all offer courses like this, in an array of different courses. The traditional Bachelor and master’s classifications are offered as well, but generally, Guernsey’s higher education is centered around these professional/adult learning programs. At, you can find links to the three main providers of tertiary education in Guernsey.

To apply for these certificate providing programs, and the degree programs alike, applicants are to use the central British system: UCAS. Most applicants apply with their A-level grades; however, other, equivalent 
qualifications are also accepted.

Expenses-wise, applicants should note that costs vary to a great degree. With most of these certificate programs being rather short; aimed at working professionals, their cost is tied to the amount of credits it provides.