Formerly known as French Guinea, nowadays to avoid confusion often called Guinea-Conakry, is a West African country.

The country has two universities, Gamal Abdel Nasser University of Conakry, and University of Kankran. The two, public universities are home to about 6 thousand students in total.

Educational Structure
Due to the country’s historic ties to France, the education system follows the French model. Degree progression is Bachelor, Master, to PhD. 

To apply to a course at one of the two universities, candidates need to demonstrate a high command of the French language as most teaching is conducted in French, as well as provide transcripts from their 
high school. 


Fees breakdown
National Foreigners
Polytechnic institute 2,500,000 Polytechnic institute 4,700,000
Faculty of Medicine
Pharmacy. Odontostomatology
2,700,000 Faculty of Medicine
Pharmacy. Odontostomatology


Computer Centre 3,475,000 Computer Centre


Faculty of Sciences 2,000,000 Faculty of Sciences 4,800,000