In Guyana, the Ministry of Education is responsible for overseeing education activities at tertiary education institutions. All information on education in Guyana can be found in the official website for the Ministry of Higher Education here. The University of Guyana was the first university to be established in the country in 1963. Other institutions of higher education in Guyana include teacher training colleges and technical/vocational institutes. There are approximately 10 technical / vocational schools that operate at post-secondary level. 

Educational Structure
At university level, the University of Guyana offers Bachelor’s degree courses in various departments for a four-year study period as well as Master’s degree programmes. In addition to the University of Guyana, there are other ten private universities in Guyana mostly specialising in medical studies. Teacher training colleges focus on training students to become primary and secondary school teachers. These institutions provided preservice training, postgraduate diploma courses, and a one-year course for trained teachers, culminating in presentation of a Certificate in Education.