Isle of Man

There is one higher education institution on the Isle of Man which is the University College Isle of Man which offers a broad range of degrees. The University College Isle of Man also offers apprenticeships and vocational training in practical fields such as social care, engineering and plumbing. For more information, please refer to the official government website:

Educational Structure 
The educational structure on the Isle of Man follows the traditional path of a Bachelor’s, followed by a Master’s and then a Doctorate. Bachelor’s generally take three years to complete. Master’s degrees take one to two years and Doctorates take three to five years.

Students are required to apply to higher education institutions on the Isle of Man through UCAS. Students may apply to five higher education institutions, which they then must narrow down to their top-two options. Prospective undergraduate students are required to have completed their A levels. However, foreign secondary certificates are accepted, such as the International or French Baccalaureate. Master’s students are required to have a Bachelor’s degree and Doctoral students must have completed a Master’s.  

Local and international students are required to pay tuition fees. Students from the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man are eligible for loans and maintenance loans from the government. Students who have lived four years on the Isle of Man or a total of 10 years, their tuition fees amount to approximately 4000£ to 4500£ per year. Students who do not meet these criteria are required to pay between 8000£ to 9250£ per year. 

Information for International Students 
The official language of instruction is English, meaning that non-native students are required to pass a TOEFL or IELTS test in order to be accepted. Non-EU students are required to acquire a visa to study on the Isle of Man.