As a very small country in the center of Europe, Luxembourg has 6 Higher Education Institutions. Four of these are private, one is public and the last one is a distance learning university. The two main and most renowned universities are the University of Luxembourg which is public and the Sacred Heart University which is private. Private universities specialize in business and humanities. On the other hand, the University of Luxembourg offers courses in most subjects at various levels. The country is open to international students as it was ranked in first place for its ‘international character’ by the Times Higher Education. Moreover, its universities are ranked in the top 200 to 250 universities worldwide. For more information about universities in Luxembourg, please refer to the official government website: However, the Ministry of Education only works with the federal University of Luxembourg, so for further information about private universities, please visit their individual websites. 

Educational Structure
Luxembourg’s tertiary education system functions in a similar way to most wherein the usual path from Bachelor’s to Master’s to Doctorate is adopted. All universities offer both Bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees. The specialization of the University of Luxembourg is in Computer Science whereas private institutions focus on business studies. Luxembourg’s medical studies are more focused on general medicine and complementary medicine such as physiotherapy, however since 2018 they have expanded their medical educational sectors in order to allow for specialization in oncology and neurology in the future. 

To apply to universities in Luxembourg, one must apply directly to the university itself via their own websites as there is no centralized system of application. In order for international students to be accepted, their secondary school diploma must be recognized by the Ministry of Education such as the International Baccalaureate, the French Baccalaureate or the Swiss Maturity. Those who do not have a recognized diploma must pass an acceptance examination which is taken in Luxembourg. Moreover, four out of the six universities use English as the language of tuition. Therefore, students must show a proof of language in the form of a TOEFL test for instance. Courses are also taught in French and German. 

In terms of finances, students pay around 400 to 800€ (euros) per academic year. However, business-related studies are more expensive, and can range from 4000 to 5000€ and up to 17000€ per academic year for foreign students. In the case of local students, no tuition fees are required for most courses, however enrolment fees of approximately 200€ may be required. Furthermore, most universities offer halls of residence which can cost between 350 to 500€ per month. 

Information for International Students
In order to study in Luxembourg, students must either be from an EU/EEA country to be eligible to study without a visa whereas international students must obtain a visa. For students who do not a European Health Insurance Card, they must purchase an insurance policy which is also necessary in order to obtain a student visa.