Macau has around 10 higher education institutions, 3 of which are public institutions. Both public and private institutions are open to international students. As of 2016/2017, 41.2% of registered full-time students in the higher education institutions of Macau are non-local students. Most of which come from Mainland China. Higher education institutions in Macau are organized by the Higher Education Bureau of Macau, the website of this ministry: According to QS World University Rankings 2020, University of Macau is placed at 387.

Educational Structure
Admission to Macau universities are different for 3 different groups: local Macau students, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan students and international students. In Macau, every institution has its own application and admission process. Applications need to be submitted to institutions directly. Entrance examination is compulsory for students applying for undergraduate programmes. The examination will be testing Chinese, English and Mathematics. This exam varies with institutions. As entrance requirement to Bachelor’s degree, academic qualifications equivalent to Form 6 is required. A Bachelor’s degree in Macau takes 3-4 years to complete. Master’s degree will require a Bachelor’s degree as the entry requirement, it will take 1-2 years for completion. A Doctorate degree requires a master’s degree and will take around 3 years. Most institutions have their courses taught in English and Mandarin.

The tuition fees are around 3000 to 7500 USD a year whereas the cost of living per person is around 700 to 1216 USD a month.

Information for International Students
Macau does not have a student visa. An Entry Permit/Visa-upon-arrival has to be applied at the border checkpoints upon arrival at Macau for all visitors. But nationals from Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam have to apply for a Macau visa at a Chinese embassy or consulate before arriving. For full-time students, after arriving in Macau with social visa, a "Special Authorization to Stay" has to be applied at the immigration department of Macau. This process begins after arriving in Macau. Documents usually needed are application form for "Special Authorization to Stay", original travel document, acceptance letter from institutions, passport photo and copy of the “Authorisation to Stay”, more information can be found at