The group of islands located south of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean, is a beautiful and highly sought-after tourist destination. After the passing of the University Act in 2011, the country’s first University was established, and named Maldives National University.

Educational structure
The structure of education follows the widely used Bologna model. In this system, those seeking tertiary education follow the progression of Bachelor, to Master, to PhD. However, the Maldives, as of yet do not have an officially accredited PhD program. As to the application process, applicants need to provide the University with high school grade transcripts, and also take an English language entrance exam.

The total tuition fees for courses generally range between 2000$ and 2500$, the cost of a certain course depends on its length and its need for infrastructure, resources. For international students, these fees are exactly 5 times the previously stated amount, the one for local students.

Information for international students
Cost of living is highly seasonal in the Maldives. In tourist season, everything is more expensive, but generally, cost of living is relatively low. For an average person, a monthly budget of 700$ is sufficient, even in the most expensive part of the country – the capital, Malé City.