Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands is considered to be a part of the Micronesia group of islands. It is an island-country, associated with the United States. It currently has two institutions of higher education: a community college called the College of the Marshall Islands, and a campus of the University of the South Pacific. The University of South Pacific is an international university with locations across the South Pacific. It is not a university system, but rather a singular entity with several campuses. The local Ministry of Education’ website can be accessed on

Educational Structure
Students in the Marshall Islands can take advantage of the vast educational network that the USP system provides. While the country might be small and it technically only has one University, that University can open a lot of doors. Educational progression follows the Bologna model at USP. That is Bachelor being the first obtainable qualification, followed by Master’s, and then Doctorate/PhD. About 90% of applicants are admitted to the University after submitting transcripts, and other necessary items such as proof of visa and language proficiency.

International students (Students who are not from any state where there is a USP campus) pay a yearly fee of 24000$.

Information for International Students
The new Marshall Island Campus is located 6.5 KM away from Delap, the main administration centre in Majuro. The new Marshall Island Campus was converted from the former Long Island Hotel, where the refurbishment works, and opening was held on May 2017.  Generally, students should keep in mind that with the close association of the country with the United States, it’s cost of living is similar to the median cost of living in the United States of America.