Mauritania, officially the Islamic Republic of Mauritania is a country in Northwest Africa with a population of about 4,5 million. Its education system uses a mix of Arabic and French, because of the country’s historic ties to France. The country has several scientific institutions mainly focused on research, and a main university called the University of Nouakchott. The latter offers 24 fundamental and 17 professional BA level courses, 16 research Master’s, 8 professional Master’s, and several doctoral courses.

Educational Structure
Education is split into three cycles based on the Bologna model. The first one being the Licence (Equivalent to the Bachelor’s), followed by master’s and Doctorate programs. The Licence is comprised of 6 semesters, with each of them having a specific aim to build up the student’s knowledge, starting from the first semester where the focus is on initiation, to the sixth where the focus is specialization.

Education in Mauritania, apart from a 2.50$ is free for all students.

Information for International Students
Cost of living in Mauritania is very cheap. Renting a 1 bedroom flat in the city centre of Nouakchott, the biggest city with the biggest university, costs around 250$. Utilities amount to half of that in addition, and other costs (food, clothing, transportation, leisure) are again about 150$ per month. This adds up to a total of a 500$ budget, which can be greatly reduced by choosing to stay in a hostel provided for students.