There are 60 higher education institutions in Nicaragua, preparing 120,000 students at the undergraduate level, 2,600 at the Master's level and 130 in Doctoral programs. Degrees awarded are classified in the following way: technical, technological and teaching degrees, Bachelor’s, specialties, Master’s and Doctorate. For further information, the Ministry of Education’s website is available at

Educational Structure
All programs are taught in Spanish. At the bachelor’s level, there are 848 programs across the country, most of which last between 4-5 years. Degrees in the health sciences are highly impacted, representing 30% of enrolment. There is also a wide variety of programs related to Agriculture and Earth Sciences. Entry requirements for public universities include a good high school GPA and internal examinations in Spanish and Mathematics. For private universities, requirements include a high school diploma, specific qualifications depending on the subject and payment of fees. Other requirements vary according to the institution.

Payment of fees is arranged in different ways: according to courses taken, or on a monthly or semester basis. Costs range between $14 and $300 dollars depending on the institution and its infrastructure.