North Macedonia

There are 21 higher education institutions in Macedonia including universities, colleges, vocational schools and other kinds of institutions.  The number of students at attending Macedonian universities has been increasing in recent years. The last records report a student population of 60,000 people. There are 7 public universities which hold 12% of the student population. The other 14 institutions are private. 

Educational Structure
Higher Education is offered as vocational or ‘tertiary’ education. Colleges and pedagogical academies offer degrees the vocational and technical level, with a duration between 2-4 years. Universities offer tertiary schooling at the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels. Bachelor's degrees have a duration between 4-6 years depending on the field. The admission requirements at the Bachelor's level include: a secondary school credential and a minimum score in the entrance examination. The subject of entrance examinations depends on the field of study pursued. International Baccalaureate and other special credentials are also recognised. 

Master degrees are awarded during 2-year programs the conclude with a written thesis project that is presented in public and is then approved by a mentor. Doctorate programs are available for those who have already completed a Master’s degree. A research period and the defence of a doctoral dissertation are necessary to obtain the doctoral title. 

Information for International students
Foreign students must meet the same requirements as nationals. Foreign students with a grant or scholarship from the Government of the Republic of Macedonia are only required to sit in entrance examinations for the faculties of Architecture, Pedagogy, Physical Education and Art. Knowledge of Macedonian language is compulsory for all students.

The Republic of Macedonia is now part of the Erasmus+, the programme for education, training, youth and sport. Erasmus offers the opportunity for students to undertake work placements abroad and for teachers and education staff to attend training courses (More information on Erasmus+ here