The Sultanate of Oman higher education system is composed of 19 colleges and 5 universities with a student body of roughly 69,000 people. Omani universities specialise in banking, financial studies, nursing and teacher training. Institutions in the Sultanate are also recognised for their quality research.

Educational Structure
Higher education degrees at the undergraduate level include: certificate, diploma, advanced diploma and Bachelor’s degrees. At the graduate level, Master’s and Doctorate degrees are available. English is the main language of instruction in most institutions with the exception of some courses that are taught in Arabic. 
A student must hold a general education certificate or its equivalent to enter a higher education institution. This includes a high school certificate and transcript. Minimum qualifications required are dependent on the institution or program of interest. Upon entry, students will take a placement test to determine their English proficiency. Students must take a one-year preparatory course in English, information technology, and study skills. Some programs also require interviews, internal examinations or medical tests for entry. Undergraduate degrees are usually completed in 5 years.
Applications for programs, scholarships and grants are submitted through the Higher Education Admissions Centre (HEAC) ( 

The Sultanate of Oman offers a number of grants and scholarships for students, also found at the HEAC website. Other fees must be covered by individuals.

Information for International students
International students must also apply through the HEAC website. Requirements include: a copy of final high school transcripts, a valid passport and an equivalence certificate from the Ministry of Education for the validation of international qualifications. There are a number of options for accommodation for international students including on-campus residences or homestay programs with an Omani family. 

Considering English is the main instruction language Oman is an attractive destination for students. Its competitive education system and growing economy also make it an appealing option. Students must take into account that Oman has a very traditional and conservative culture where religion is very important.