Puerto Rico

There are 52 Higher Education Institutions in Puerto Rico, most of which are located in San Juan, the capital city. There are 3 major university systems on the island: University of Puerto Rico with 11 campuses, the Ana G. Méndez University System (SUAGM) with 3 major campuses and some satellites, and the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico (Inter) with 9 campuses and 2 specialized schools.

Educational Structure
The educational system in Puerto Rico mirrors the American system. At the undergraduate level, colleges offer Associate and Bachelor’s degrees (4 years) and graduate schools offer programs at the Master’s (2 years), Doctorate and Post-Doctorate levels. Degrees are primarily taught in Spanish but faculty to a large extent use English in the classroom both in instruction and reading materials. Entry requirements for major universities include: admission forms, Prueba de Admision Universitaria (PAA) (University Admissions Test) with College Board or its equivalent in English, the SAT (more information here: https://latam.collegeboard.org/), and High School Diploma and GPA. There are extra requirements of proof for the recognition of High school diplomas completed outside the US and Puerto Rico that vary across universities. A Spanish proficiency test will often be required. 

Informational for International Students
American students don’t need to apply for a visa to study in Puerto Rico, being part of the US Commonwealth. However, student visas are required for foreigners studying in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a very attractive destination for students due to its culture, landscapes and weather. Further, the bilingual environment facilitates learning Spanish while studying. More information on visiting Puerto Rico can be found here: https://www.discoverpuertorico.com/groups/student-youth-groups. The official currency in Puerto Rico is US Dollars. Some indicators of the costs of living in the island can be found here: https://www.universia.es/estudiar-extranjero/puerto-rico/vivir/coste-vida/2962. For information on types of visa and application processes visit https://www.ice.gov/sevis/students and https://ais.usvisa-info.com/