Qatar is a small country located in Western Asia with a total population of only 2.6 million people. There are 26 higher education institutions in Qatar and most of them are satellite campuses from USA and Europe and a majority of them is located in Doha. There is only one public, government-owned higher education institution – Qatar University, which is the largest such facility in the country. The fact that most of the programs in Qatar are conducted in English or are offered by remote faculties of international universities suggests that Qatar is definitely open for foreign prospective students. The official government website for higher education might not be filled with details (, therefore it is best to visit the websites of specific universities in order to find more practical information regarding the courses and admission.

Educational Structure
Qatari system of higher education works within the standard tertiary education path – undergraduate Bachelor’s degree, graduate Master’s degree and postgraduate research-oriented PhD degree. The lengths of each of those programs are respectively 4 years, 2 years and 4 years. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Dental Medicine courses are outliers and take 6 years to finish. Most of the degrees in Qatar are taught in English, however there are also some courses conducted in Arabic language. There is no standardized application website, therefore, the application process might slightly vary between different universities. 

Tuition fees in Qatar depend on the type of course and are charged per credit hour. There are around 12 credit hours per semester. E.g. at Qatar University BA programs cost 800 QR per credit hour (9,600 QR per semester which is around 2,400 Euros) while science and engineering programs cost 900 and 1,000 QR per credit hour respectively (10,800 QR and 12,000 QR per semester which is around 2,700 Euros and 3,000 respectively). Medical students have to pay much higher fees, starting at 60,000 QR a year (15,100 Euros) during the first three years and increasing to 90,000 QR (22,700 Euros) in fourth year and 120,000 QR (30,300 Euros) in fifth and sixth years.

Information for International Students
The most popular student destination in Qatar is its capital city – Doha. It is an international city known for its business districts and enormous skyscrapers. Life in Qatar is not cheap. The cost of housing may vary from 5,500 QR (1,400 Euros) to 8,350 QR (2,100 Euros) per month for a single bedroom apartment. An average cost of loaf of bread stands at 5.5 QR (1.40 Euros) and a meal costs around 21 QR (5,25 Euros). In order to study full-time in Qatar as an international student you will need a sponsor in order to get a visa. Usually the university will act as a sponsor for a prospective student and will help to apply for a visa. For more information on this process visit the website of your university of interest.