Republic of Kosovo

There are approximately 30 higher education institutions in Kosovo. These are composed of universities, both private and public, university colleges, professional schools, and academies. Universities and university colleges offer a range of degrees across all fields. They also offer professional degrees for students aiming to go directly into a line specific line of work and academic degrees for students who would like to continue in higher education. Professional schools and academies provide specialized degrees in more specific fields that they are specialized in. For more information, please refer to the official government website:

Educational Structure 
The educational structure in Kosovo follows the traditional path of a Bachelor’s, followed by a Master’s, and then a Doctorate. Bachelor’s take between three to four years to complete. Master’s take between a year to two and Doctoral degrees take three years to complete. Integrated Master’s programs exist for medical, veterinary and agricultural degrees and take five year to complete. 

In order to be accepted at the undergraduate level to higher education, students from Kosovo are required to undergo the Matura exam which is similar to a Baccalaureate. Public universities hold entrance examinations and base their requirements on the Matura and entrance examinations. Few private universities require entrance examinations, and mainly base their requirements on the Matura. In order to be accepted to a Master’s program, students are required to have acquired a Bachelor’s degree in a related field. Students who have completed a three-year Bachelor’s degree, equivalent to 180 ECTS, must complete a two-year Master’s program whereas students who have completed a four-year Bachelor’s program, equivalent to 240 ECTS, are permitted to complete a one-year Master’s. Master’s students are also required to pass entrance exams for public universities, and few private universities. Prospective doctoral students are required to have completed a Master’s degree. 

Tuition fees at public universities are relatively low. For undergraduate degrees, students pay 50 euros a year. At the Master’s level, students pay 300 euros a year and Doctoral students pay 500 euros a year. In private universities, tuition fees generally range from 400 to 600 euros per year for both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. 

Information for International Students 
Only a few courses are taught in English. The main languages of instruction are Albanian and Serbian, meaning that international students may be required to prove their proficiency through a language test. Students are able to live in student accommodation, which costs approximately 25 euros a month. Renting an apartment on average costs 150-200 euros a month. All students, including EU students, are required to apply for a student visa in order to study in Kosovo. This can be done through a local embassy or consulate with a letter of acceptance from the university. Moreover, students are required to prove their financial stability and are recommended to purchase healthcare from a third party.