San Marino

The University of the Republic of San Marino is the only recognised higher education institution in the microstate. Founded in 1985, the University offers a number of undergraduate and graduate programmes, mostly in collaboration with other European universities.

The Ministry of Education is responsible for supervising all education institutions in the Republic. For more information, please visit

Educational Structure
The University of the Republic of San Marino offers bachelor’s degrees in select subjects such as Civil Engineering and Design which typically last 3 years. Masters programmes are also offered for several subjects and usually take 2 years to complete. The university also offers a three-year doctoral research programme in historical studies.

Students who wish to gain admission must apply directly to the University. Some specific programmes, such as Design, have admission tests and interviews for applicants.

Information for International Students
Students from Schengen and non-Schengen areas will need to apply for a Residence Permit from San Marino’s Foreign Office once they have been accepted into a University programme.