The University of Seychelles is the first and only public institution in the country offering higher education degree programmes. It is regulated by the Tertiary Education Commission which oversees the higher educational standards in Seychelles. For more information, please visit:

Educational Structure
Established in 2014, the University of Seychelles or ‘UniSey’ offers a number of Bachelor's and Master’s programmes in subjects such as education, business, and technology and are usually taught in English or French. Some programmes are offered in collaboration with universities in the UK and other countries.

Bachelor’s programmes usually last 3 years. However, some courses can also be studied part-time and can be completed in 4-5 years. Master’s programmes typically last 2 years.

Students apply directly to UniSey by submitting an application form together with relevant documents such as transcripts and educational certifications. Some programmes have specific entry requirements such as particular results from relevant A-level subjects. UniSey also offers alternative entry routes for mature students who may not have the academic qualifications necessary for admission but have relevant work experience.

Information for International Students
International students who wish to study in Seychelles are required to apply for a visa or Student Permit in order to enter the country.