Suriname has around 3 higher education institutions (HEIs). The only institution established as a university is the Anton de Kom University located in its capital, Paramaribo. It has 3737 students. It is the only institution that offers Master’s degrees in Suriname. The website for the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Suriname can be found at

Educational Structure
In Suriname, the HEIs have the usual tertiary education path of a Bachelor’s followed by a Master’s. Doctorate degrees are not taught in Suriname. The full-time Bachelor’s degree requires completion of 180 ECTS credits and takes around 3-4 years. The Master’s degree takes around 1-2 years. Students can apply for undergraduate programs with a recognized diploma of Preparatory Scientific Education (VWO) or an equivalent. Majority of the degree programs in Suriname are taught in Dutch. Students are required to be fluent in the Dutch language for enrollment. Applications and admissions can be done to the institutions directly as there is no centralized system for HEIs’ applications in Suriname. 

Tuitions fees are found to be at around US$ 1,737 a year. 

Information for International Students
International students may be required to submit a request to the Ministry of Education via the relevant institution in order to study in Suriname. Admissions and applications have to be done to the institution and then proceed with relevant necessary steps as according to the instructions given by the institution.