Syria has around 37 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), 16 of which are public institutions owned by the government. The largest and oldest university in Syria is the Damascus University situated in the capital Damascus. Syria has a virtual university named the Syrian Virtual University; it is the first institution that offers virtual education. Students in this university can study and attend online classes then attend exams in any of the centres accredited by the university. For more information on Syrian’s HEIs, please visit Ministry of Higher Education at

Educational Structure
In Syria, the HEIs follow the French model of high education where the first stage is Bachelor’s followed by a Master’s and then a Doctorate degree. The full-time Bachelor’s degree usually lasts 4-6 years. The Master’s degree takes 1-2 years whereas the Doctorate degree requires 3-5 years. Professional degree programs like Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Architecture take 5 years for completion. Length of study varies with the area of study. HEIs in Syria typically use Arabic as the medium of instructions. Applications can be sent directly to the respective institutions. HEIs in Syria do not utilize a centralized system for applications and admissions. 

Typical tuition and miscellaneous fees for international students are around US$5,000 a year and US$1,000 a year for local students. Living expenses are around US$ 240-481 a month. 

Information for International Students
Applications for enrolment can be done to institutions directly. After acceptance of offer, university will assist in the process of obtaining a visa. Documents that are usually required are copies of passport, medical test, certificate of education obtained by student, photographs and others.