Tajikistan has around 30 higher education institutions (HEIs). Most HEIs in Tajikistan are public institutions partially funded by the government and three are private institutions. The largest and oldest university in Tajikistan is Tajik National University. For more information on HEIs in Tajikistan, please visit the website of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan at http://maorif.tj/.

Educational Structure
In Tajikistan, the HEIs have the usual tertiary education path of a Bachelor’s followed by a Master’s and then a Doctorate degree. The full-time Bachelor’s degree usually lasts 4-5 years. The Master’s degree takes 2-5 years whereas the duration to complete Doctorate degree varies. HEIs of Tajikistan typically use Tajik as the language of instructions and some institutions teach in Russian. Programs that use English as medium of instruction have been increasing in recent years. 

Tuition fees for Bachelor’s degrees are around 1,700 to 2,800 USD. To acquire an MBBS, tuition fee a year is around US$ 4,800. Fees for accommodation are 600-1400 USD. Average cost of living in Tajikistan is 350 USD exclusive of rental.

Information for International Students
Applications to HEIs can be done individually. It varies by institution. Some institutions may require an interview. Documents proving student’s education history has to be provided. After receiving the letter of acceptance from the institution, some institutions may require tuition fees to be paid before proceeding to visa application. Entry visa will be given after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs receive related notifications. Visa application is exempted for citizens of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The entry visa for foreign students is only valid for 3 days after entering Tajikistan. Upon entering Tajikistan, students need to register with their respective institution, and the student visa will be renewed and extended. Documents required for visa application are a copy of passport, 2 photos that are 5*6cm in size, 2 copies of Form 15, copy of student card and record book, medical certificate that proves absence of HIV / AIDS and other related documents.