According to the Tanzania Commission for Universities, as of 2020 there are 43 registered higher education institutions (HEIs). There are 16 public HEIs which are semi-autonomous and subsidised by the government and 27 private institutions are privately funded. The full list of registered HEIs can be found at this link. The longest established HEI in Tanzania is University of Dar es Salaam. For more information on Tanzania’s HEIs, please visit the website of Tanzania Commission for Universities at  https://www.tcu.go.tz/.

Educational Structure
In Tanzania, the HEIs have the usual tertiary education path of a Bachelor’s (cycle de la Licence) followed by a Master’s and then a Doctorate degree. A full-time Bachelor’s degree typically lasts three years with the exception of engineering degrees that will take 4 years. For Bachelor of Doctor of Medicine, this program takes 5 years for completion. The Master’s degree can be completed in around 2 years whereas the Doctorate degree requires 3 years. There are two entry modes for undergraduate admission: certificate of secondary education examination or equivalent and diploma. Admission into a Master’s degree requires a Bachelor’s degree, Advanced Diploma or equivalent. Application for doctorate degrees can be done with a Master’s degree. In Tanzania, English is used as a medium of instruction in HEIs. Applications can be sent directly to the institution. 


Degrees  Fees for local students per year Fees for internetional students per year
Bachelor`s  US$ 450-700 US$ 2,100 - 5,700
Master`s US$ 3,000 US$ 5,000
Doctorate US$ 3,400 US$ 5,400

For the cost of living, an estimated amount of US$700 is sufficient. 

Information for International Students
Some institutions offer accommodations arrangements. Entry applications can be done directly to the respective institutions. As for the application of student visa, this process can be done online at this link. Documents required for visa application are a valid copy of passport, scanned passport size photo, admission letter, evidence of scholarship/sponsorship, a letter by the institution, a filled-in visa application form and US$ 250 for visa application fee.