There are 26 higher education institutions in Yemen. These are composed of both private and public universities Additionally, there are community colleges and technical colleges that offer two-year degree, which are at the level below a Bachelor’s.The oldest universities are the University of Sana’a and the University of Adan which were established in 1970.  For more information, please refer to the official government website:

Educational Structure 
The educational structure in Yemen follows the traditional path of a Bachelor’s, followed by a Master’s, and then a Doctorate. Bachelor’s generally take between four to five years to complete. Master’s degrees take two years and doctoral degrees take between three to four years to complete. 

There is no centralized body of administration for application to higher education institutions in Yemen, meaning that students are required to apply directly to their desired institution. Prospective undergraduate students require a secondary school leaving certificate. Master’s students are required to have previously obtained a Bachelor’s degree. Prospective Doctoral students are required to have obtained a Master’s degree in order to be accepted. 

Information for International Students 
The official language of instruction is Arabic, meaning that non-native speakers may have to prove their proficiency in the language in order to be accepted. Nevertheless, some courses are taught in English in some technical degrees at universities, such as in medicine or natural science courses. Student visas are dependent on the current situation in Yemen, therefore students are recommended to contact their nearest embassy or consulate for more information.